About Me

So, let’s start from the beginning…

Why do I blog? Initially, this blog was for myself—a diary chronicling my financial journey and my love for stock analysis and investing. But as time went on, the blog began to serve another purpose. It became a source of motivation and accountability toward my financial goal of $3.9 million by 2031, not just for me, but for an awesome community of readers who have set or renewed their financial goals. Your engagement is the best accountability partner I could ever dream of, and for that, I am grateful.

My Story

For much of the past decade, I lived day to day, working hard and investing aimlessly, often overwhelmed by perfectionism and self-doubt.

Then came a life-altering moment in the quiet stillness of the Hokkaido mountains. Racing down those powdery slopes, I felt an exhilarating connection to the world, a freedom that made all other concerns fade away. In that moment, I knew what my life’s biggest accomplishment needed to be: I wanted to throw myself wholeheartedly into mastering the black diamond ski slopes and be able to execute a daring backflip, with skis crossed in a perfect “X” above my head—before the snow and the best years of my life melted away.

But accomplishing this dream seemed almost impossible given my demanding job and life in a tropical country. However, hitting the age of 30 made me realize that time was of the essence. I needed to get my finances in order, to start truly living. That’s when I committed to achieving Financial Independence and Retiring Early by the age of 40.

I’m Aiming for FIRE by 40

Financial independence will not just be a personal milestone; it will free me to pursue my other life goals, including mastering those challenging ski slopes. I will have more control over my time, greater security, and the freedom to take more calculated risks. Importantly, for me, achieving FIRE isn’t about completely retiring from work. Work has always been a part of my core values and passion. Achieving FIRE would mean that I am no longer working primarily for financial reasons, but rather to search for deeper meaning in life while focusing on my passions and living a meaningful life.

Join Me on the Road to FIRE by 40

If you also yearn for financial freedom, explore the stock analysis and portfolio updates I share. My mission is to inspire and empower you to invest smartly for your own Financial Independence and Early Retirement.

With full transparency, I show exactly what I do and why, aiming to motivate you to embark on this journey with me. Your engagement keeps me accountable, creating a symbiotic relationship where we both benefit.

I also share ideas on cultivating good money habits, making smarter financial decisions, and balancing your money, time, and lifestyle choices.

So, join me on this decade-long journey to FIRE by 40, and let’s achieve our financial dreams together.