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Is the AMEX Platinum Charge Card Worth the High Annual Fee?

Introduction Last week, I finally decided to pull the trigger and apply for the AMEX Platinum Charge Card. This card has always been on my...

September Portfolio Update: A Season of Change and Strategic Shifts

As September rolls in, it brings along a whirlpool of changes in my investment horizon. The past three months have been somewhat of a...

Investment Horizons: A Glimpse into My Portfolio’s Progress and Plans

June, traditionally a quiet month for the markets, held a different narrative this year. As a growth investor, the allure of rapidly expanding, innovative...

Portfolio Update (Dec)

I have finally come to the last post for the year. Although my portfolio didn't end too well, I have learned many valuable lessons...

Why I think Link Reit (HKG: 0823) is severely undervalued

The protests hit Hong Kong to usher in a low key traditional new year celebration, with many locals looking forward to a better 2020. While many...

The unfortunate case of Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust – A deep analysis

Hi all, this is really a long post (warning), here are the subtopics I will be discussing. History of MNAC Trust Determine the Discount Rate via...

Recent Action- Mapletree NAC Trust

I added 5,000 shares of Mapletree NAC Trust on 1st Oct at $1.31 and another 5,000 shares on 15th Oct at $1.26 against the backdrop on...

One of my favourite REITs

Hi, hope everyone has a good start for the year. I spent my 2017 Christmas in Kowloon Hong Kong and stayed at Cordis. It was...

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