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Investment Horizons: A Glimpse into My Portfolio’s Progress and Plans




June, traditionally a quiet month for the markets, held a different narrative this year. As a growth investor, the allure of rapidly expanding, innovative companies is hard to resist. Yet, the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt on this journey is the importance of patience – not to succumb to the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and chase every fleeting opportunity. 

In this seemingly boisterous period, my actions remained uncharacteristically subdued. The only significant transaction I undertook was to apply Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) on Tesla stock and the SPY ETF, a strategy I’ve consistently adhered to since July 2022. 

As the years roll by, Tesla’s prominence in my portfolio will likely grow, fueled by my continued investment through DCA. The reason behind this commitment is twofold: firstly, the company’s business model and future prospects are ones I believe in and understand, allowing me to build stronger conviction in my investment. The vibrant community of Tesla investors and enthusiasts continually feeds my knowledge, sharing timely updates and first-hand experiences with the company’s latest ventures and innovations.

Secondly, I’m firmly convinced that Tesla is on the cusp of achieving full self-driving capabilities, a feat that would significantly expand its profit margins. This could materialize either through a potential Robotaxi fleet or via Full Self Driving (FSD) subscriptions. Many critics argue against this possibility, yet I chose to believe otherwise. By next year, Tesla plans to boost its AI training capacity to 100 Exaflops, a staggering twenty-fold increase from the current 5 Exaflops. Let that sink in – 20X more computational power than its present capacity! 


Barring my dividend portfolio, which I’m in the process of rebuilding, I prefer to keep my growth portfolio concentrated, focusing on a select group of 7-8 stocks. This approach is inspired by the idea of a 20-slot punchcard, limiting me to twenty lifetime investment decisions, encouraging careful selection and due diligence. 

Growth Portfolio:

Dividend Portfolio:

In June, I added two new assets to my dividend portfolio: Parkway Life REIT and Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT). Despite concerns about the future of data centres, as MIT’s management plans to acquire more in the future, I trust in Mapletree Investment’s reputation and historical performance. Before the onset of Covid-19, they consistently increased their distribution per unit every quarter.

Crypto Portfolio:

My cryptocurrency portfolio currently consists of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Anticipating a value surge in Bitcoin as we approach the next halving event and potential SEC regulation, I added to my Bitcoin holdings.

Since 2022, my net worth has yet to fully recover, having taken a substantial hit. Adding to this, I withdrew a portion of my portfolio last year to purchase a condominium, further explaining the decrease. Currently under construction, this property is projected to be completed in 2025 and will then provide me with an additional income source through rentals. 

Amid persistent inflation, I anticipate that the interest rate will take some time to decline, though it appears to have plateaued for now. Consequently, I’ve been utilizing my cash and CPF from employment for early property repayment. Until the interest rates significantly decrease, I won’t be channeling substantial funds into my stock portfolio. This strategic move helps me manage my finances more prudently in these fluctuating economic conditions.

I also stay actively engaged on Twitter where I share updates on my buy/sell transactions. If you’re interested in getting these real-time updates or wish to join our growing community of investors, feel free to follow me. My handle is @makesmewonder link here. I look forward to interacting with you and sharing our investment journeys together!


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