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What to do during stock market correction?




 Hello, hope everyone is doing fine!

The stock market has been bombarded by bad news everyday: the never ending Ukraine-Russia War, Inflation, and surging oil prices.

Not only investors feel the heat, even when my kopi takeaway at my favourite coffee shop downstairs price went up from $1.40 to $1.70! Even petrol prices went up to $3/litre, and thankfully I still have some coupons left on my Esso app.

Sorry that I have not been updating my portfolio these past few months. Instead of worrying and checking my portfolio daily and feeling demoralized by the drop (which is not fundamentally driven), I spent the time reading books on investments to build up my conviction, and I also recently started work-outs, and eat more good food to relax and enjoy.

My portfolio was not spared either yet I continue to stay invested, but divested stock with lower conviction and channeled to the higher ones. Nevertheless, I will do an update on my portfolio this week- do keep a look-out! In fact, I have been adding more positions through dollar costs averaging on a monthly basis. I have been buying stocks but did not have the time and motivation to update my online portfolio at StocksCafe.

In retrospect,I regretted buying some growth stocks at a rich valuation, but that being said, it’s a lesson learnt for me, and now it’s a good opportunity to add more stocks when others are fearful. I am glad that I have a full time job and a constant stream of income that I can buy shares every month. After all, my time horizon is 10 years (now left 8 years).

There has been many noises in the stock market, with even popular finance YouTubers rushing for the exit as volatility of everything surges. It’s the same sort of fear during Covid-19 in 2020 where many investors showed the chart that the virus could lead to a replay of the Great Depression and recommended holding cash and waiting for things to stabilize.

However, my years of investing experience has taught me that, it’s damn hard to time the lows, and it’s even harder to buy back the stocks at a lower price which you have sold. Well, at least that applies to me.

Many regretted giving in to the fear and not buying stocks during start of Covid 19, and in moments like this, it may be one of those.

So, the advice for myself is to not check the stock market so often, stay calm and consider taking some creative pursuit to relax and enjoy!

Those got cash, continue to invest, those fully invested, just keep calm and ‘躺平’!

Remember, this too shall pass!


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