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Blue Chips for a STI 3500




As my exams and FYP are really nearing, I cant write much but I just wanna post what I’ve written in a forum.

As expected, STI is moving upwards to 3500. Everytime it breaks out high, we can expect a small retreacement or a correction and I think at this levels or so provides a good opportunity to load up on Blue Chip Stocks. Why Blue Chips? Because the Index is made up of 30 Blue Chips. When index ascends, institutional investors (from Insurance, funds..etc) stock ’em up to push the index. I ll just briefly mention a few stocks below worth looking at…

1. Singapore Technologies Engineering (STE)
I think STE still have alot of upside in the long term…defensive and growth in one stock.

Well anyway I find telco abit ex imo because they are apporaching less than 4% div for stel…
Also with whatsapp able to make calls and stuff, I find that it’s possible to be challenging to telcos in the long run.

2. (OCBC, DBS and UOB)
I find the 3 banks still attractive. Those who missed the OCBC $10 boat
it’s still good now coz the DRIP is 10% discount (quite attractive to
me) but just that I got not much bullets for now, gotta save more cash
for correction. Somemore their pe is still low ..lower than STI..
dividends also more than STI…

3. Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS)
 And Sats. Singapore gov is always v smart, during market recovery times,
they always invest money in infrastructure so that they get good
returns once it recovers. Now Changi T5 is already being planned for and
can u imagine it bigger than T1+T2+T3 combined. Not too sure if Sats
will get the tender to settle the airport cargo and stuff but if the
industry is positive I expect Sats to do well too.

4. Straits Times Index ETF (STI ETF)
Self explanatory, if STI goes up , this must go up

Feel free to contact me if there’s any queries or if you like to know more …. Btw, I am still helping my dad to queue for more DBS at these levels .. 🙂

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