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Hi all,

It’s been awhile since I update my blog. I did some adjustments in my portfolio and wish to exclude the stocks which I decided not to include in my retirement fund & dividend calculation purposes (see list below). Hence, to make things more organized, I have actually created another CDP joint account (since 1 person can only have one CDP acc)- let’s call this Acc2, to store the excluded shares and recently also added more shares to that portfolio. I will slowly be transferring the excluded over to Acc2. Moving forward, I will not be adding anymore shares into Acc2 and won’t be updating it anymore.

The way I ll be transferring is to use my cash allocated for retirement fund to buy shares through standard chartered and transfer it to Acc2.
I wont actually be transferring shares to Acc2 from my individual cdp
acc; I’ll buy shares using Stan Chart and transfer it to Acc2 e.g for
DBS, I bought 300 shares using stan chart. Once I have accumulated 400
shares, I’ll transfer to Joint Acc CDP.

So moving forward, I ll slowly be buying those shares shown below through stan chart and transfer it to Acc2.

Stocks excluded for retirement fund (excluded shares)
1. 1000 shares of ST Eng (transferred 1000 shares)
2. 400 shares of DBS (not yet transferred)
3. 1000 shares of Keppel Corp (not yet transferred)
4. 1000 shares of SGX (not yet transferred)
5. 5000 shares of 800Super (not yet transferred)

Current Acc2 shares:

Since SGX implemented the 100 shares/lot, I have been using more of Standard Chartered trading platform by buying hundred to few hundred shares at one time till I hit the desired no of shares and head over to stan chart to fill in the form to transfer to CDP and I plan to do so in future.

 Standard Chartered Portfolio: (part of retirement fund)

Retirement Portfolio

I have divested SembCorp last year at a price of $3.70 which I regretted not selling when it hits about $4.84 where B and ASSI sold. I bought at $4.18 which makes it a loss of $500 (inc brokerage fees ex. div). Personally, I believe oil prices will eventually recover one day but it’ ll be quite sometime am. So the current oil&gas share which I own is only Keppel Corp.

Other than buying shares through Stan Chart, I have also been buying Nikko STI ETF shares through POSB InvestSaver which allows me to do dollar costs averaging. I am funding it through the angpow money I’ve collected since young 🙂 I bought at 2014 so the returns hasn’t been fantastic since STI is still at 2.7k levels; but long term should be good.

That’s for today. I ll also post my entry price for my individual acc soon, write up about SLA and some stocks under my watchlist.

(Btw, I am currently just showing my portfolio. Will write more on the transactions soon i.e why did I buy/sell those shares )

Individual Acc Portfolio (retirement fund)

  1. hi,
    what is the rationale for transfering from SCB to CDP?
    there is a charge of 10.70/counter.
    to me, that seems kinda prohibitive. 10x counters will be >100 bucks.

    will be keen to know your thoughts..

    btw, great portfolio for a 15year old!

  2. Hi foolish chameleon,

    In the long run, I prefer to have my shares in CDP actually instead of custodian account, so I ll transfer the shares to CDP once I hit min of. 1k shares/counter.

    If you were asking why not buy direct through CDP ,it's because these days I prefer to buy shares in hundreds, so lets say i wanna buy 1k shares of SIA Eng and average out the buy price for SIA Eng for 5 days, i can buy 200 shares for 5 days instead.
    If i were to do that in CDP, i pay min fee of $25 for 5 times.



  3. Hi CK,

    Yes you can do that. I've been doing that for quite a few years already.

    To transfer, head down to stan chart branch. If you stay near town there's one at Ion Orchard and Plaza Sing. Tell them you want to transfer your shares from Stan Chart to CDP, and you just need to fill in the form.

    Takes about a week for the transfer.

    They'll deduct the $10.70 from your Securities Settlement Account and also you'll be required to fill in the ISIN number, so remember to have that information with you before you head down, if not gotta google last min.



  4. For your 2nd qn, yup, it's $10.70 per counter.
    I m referring to min of 1k shares/counter ,which means I'll only transfer after accumulated at least 1000 shares. It doesn't make much economical sense to transfer e.g 300 shares and pay $10.70 (except DBS)

    Why CDP?
    Mainly because shares under Stan Chart are held thru custodian , basically we don't really own the shares directly in the eyes of the companies we own. Only stan chart recognizes it belongs to us. I am using it to average my buy price and save costs. Not planning to put there for v long term unless it's overseas counters. Somehow feel more safe with CDP 🙂

    Also for dividend reinvestment, they round down the shares 🙁

    and..also no annual report.

  5. keep those with usual cash divd with scb.
    those like ocbc which give regular scrip divd, better transfer out.

    yea, i kinnda agree on the safety part,.. but unless SCB close shop and run away with the shares, whcih i think is highly improbable..

  6. So once the share is transfer into our CDP account, we can use our retail broker like UOB KH to sell the share even though I did not buy it through UOB KH?

  7. So once the share is transfer to CDP, I need to use the retail broker like UOB KH to sell the share even though I did not use UOB KH to buy the share in the 1st place?

  8. Hi Cecil,

    Yes you can.

    Just think of the shares like a property you own and retail broker like Real Estate Agency. To sell it, it doesn't matter if you bought from ERA or Propnex..

    For StanChart, you can't coz the shares are actually under Raffles Nominee.

    Hope it helps.

  9. Hi, Just to confirm the transfer fee is 10.70 per counter and not per 1000 units? Say I have 3000 units of Dbs I thought it would be 10.7 x 3 and not 10.7?


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