Firstly thank you to all those who take their time to answer this
question. In fact all of you’ll gave right answers and I wish I have
many copies of it to give out to everyone of you.

I had a hard time deciding the winner and I have been rereading many times already.
Some of you included quotations and many good examples.

I’ve got to decide who get’s the book, I ll give it to Justin Tay
because he did included two keywords I am looking out for: intrinsic value and cashflow. Congrats to you! I have dropped you an email!

But do note that whether gold is a hedge against inflationary pressure is still something very debatable.

Iris, I liked the part you mentioned about combining all the gold which
spans 22m in each directions which is valued about 7Exxon Mobil + 1
trillion dollars of cash. I listened to the interview on Youtube sometime
back last year.

and also from Arthur:

The basic premise is gold is a non-income generating asset that will
remain the same after decades, while businesses can generate income and
grow beyond its current size and yield more return in future. 

Your answer was good, but you missed out the key points that I wanted.

and thank you all for participating. Will give out more books in future to benefit more people ! Stay tuned! 🙂


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