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Here’s my portfolio and I decide not to keep it a secret other than my name and my account no.
I am a 25 yr old student with some part time job and my intention is not to show off but I hope I can inspire more people to learn the correct knowledge of investing and build your portfolio over time. These money are my hard earned and some reinvested from dividends I have been collecting when I started a few years back.  I have still a long way to go but remember the golden rule:

Timing the market is a fools game; time in the market is your greatest natural advantage. 

 I still have HK and US shares which probably will share more another time. But for dividend calculation purposes, I will exclude the following shares.

1. 1000 shares of ST Eng
2. 400 shares of DBS
3. 1000 shares of Keppel Corp
4. 1000 shares of SGX
5. 5000 shares of 800Super

The above listed will not be in my retirement fund/ or whatever fund you call it as I
have prior arrangement on what to do with these.. for personal reasons.

I remember a week back, I showed my portfolio to a nice lady in school. It was about 106k something. Glad that it has move up about 1k in a week. Looks like I am close or slightly better than market returns , for that week..haha. I hope she will be inspired to grow her money too..

If you love dividends and if there’s only one person to learn from, he would be the the homegrown Dividend Warrior. Through reading his past posts I have learnt alot. Unfortunately those past posts were taken down and he has started a all new portfolio as some money has been pumped into his new tuition business but I believe he will do even better this time round. He’s my inspiration & I wish him all the best.

Here’s the link: Dividends Warrior

That’s all for today. Will write more soon and appreciate if you’ll can drop me some comments below 🙂

Thanks for viewing

  1. Thanks Passive Income Farmer for your compliment ! and sorry for the late reply.

    I visited your blog & saw your portfolio too! Looks good and definitely more than me!
    you also wrote about the past market ups and downs and your experience..
    You went through more market cycles than me and hope to also learn some knowledge from you!
    Anyway, I still got a long way to go though..


  2. Hi.. I came across this blog because I just bought the book with the same name ^^
    I haven't had a chance to dive in yet but looks like you're doing well and offering lots of value to your readers.
    I look forward to reading through some of your blogs.. any one in particular that you recommend?
    I'm very new to investing and my knowledge is based mostly on what I've read (The Big Short, What's Behind the Numbers, etc).

  3. Hi Dan,

    So sorry to miss out your posts, I have been very busy at work since start of July 15.

    The blogs that I read are:

    1. Forever Financial Freedom

    2. Sillyinvestor

    One of the website which I often read on the go is Motley Fool.

    Just remember, never follow a person's buy sell call just because he is expert/good track record.
    As you read and learn, you will slowly develop your style of investing. All the best!
    Will start to write more from now on. Happy Reading!!!


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